Lindsay’s Lost Luggage

As I’m sure any blog-stalker, celebrity obbsesser already knows, Lindsay Lohan was recently robbed of an Heremes bag containing a million dollars worth of jewelry AND her asthma medication while she was leaving Heathrow airport last week.  Thankfully, the bag was returned to her, presumably with her goodies all in tact.  We feel bad for what she went through, and we just have a couple of comments about the situation: 1) Lindsay has great taste in jewelry.  We know.  She scooped up one of our favorite necklaces, a flapper style diamond and 18k gold chain by Jade Trau, from Kaviar & Kind in L.A. and is now rarely seen without it, 2) what the HELL were you doing leaving a handbag containing a million dollars worth of ANYTHING unattended on a luggage trolly?  Lindsay!  We know the five hour flight in first class and the valium you likely washed back with champagne probably left you a bit groggy, but that bag should have been like a growth coming off your arm the minute you packed it full of diamonds, 3) Lindsay has ASTHMA?!   


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Platinum Opportunity?

Tsk tsk tsk…Michael O’Connor, what are you doing pushing gold on QVC?!  Strike that, we know what YOU’RE doing; you’re assuaging your transparent lust for fame by proclaiming yourself a jewelry “stylist” on a glamorized info-mercial, consequently earning yourself a long list of middle aged, middle America, QVC enthusiast “fans” who write you letters about how handsome you are.  But what are YOU doing, Platinum Guild International?  Pure, Rare and Eternal, eh?  My ass! How does Fake, Cheap and 15 minutes sit with you?  Because 15 minutes of work is about as much as Michael is doing for PGI in between his trips to Philly.  And don’t think he’ll hesitate one second to move outta that corner office if an opportunity to extend his 15 minutes of fame by hosting the WB’s answer to Queer Eye or whatever comes up.  Shaw! 

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There’s nothing like selling your crap at Loehmann’s to announce to the world that you’re in need of some quick cash.  If you’re in the area, stop by Loehmann’s to see the abundant display of jewelry by Suzy Fabrikant, Robert Lee Morris, Scott Kay and Lagos.

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Whatever Happens in Vegas…Never Happened?!

This one came at us from a forwarded email….don’t you know, Mr. Undisclosed Online Jewelry Retailer, the world is small!  You silly, silly man!  We know you had no idea the drunk Bostonian you buddied up to at the black-jack table had friends “on the inside” but in the future, just assume he does! 

Well don’t tell my wife but there was this Asian girl sitting next to me that was flat out the most beautiful Asian I had ever seen. (even after 14 hours of drinking 🙂 I was the [silly nickname] at that table also and she kept flipping her hair and rubbing up next to me. I was way up for the trip $$ wise and looked at her and said would you take a thousand bucks to come upstairs with me. She said of course and we left. She got undressed and wow!!! beautiful!!! Just as I was about to you know what I get a pounding at my door. It was my team of guys so I cracked the door. They said we had 10 minutes to get to the airport for our plane was leaving at 6 am. The big guy pushed the door open and they all drop their mouths. I think she thought it was a bust and got dressed and left in a hurry. With my 1K! Made it to the airport just in time and my employees now have a better appreciation of their boss 🙂

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You Tell Us II

Who’s knocking off whom? 

Penny Preville or Jude Frances?  You tell us, but, we will point out that Penny has been around pretty much forever while Jude Frances hit the scene a few years ago, and was started because the two owners (Jude and Frances, duh) wanted to keep buying the same style jewelry they always wore but for, like, cheaper. and

Erica Courtney or Cathy Carmendy?  ALWAYS a hot debate, though it’s hilarious to see them being all nice, bff, lovey dovey with each other whenever they cross paths. and

Masriera or Nouveau 1910.  Masriera uses the same molds created in 1839 by Joseph Masriera i Vidal while Nouveau 1910 was started in, well, 1910.  Oh, how the mind spins with all of this rich, jewelry history!

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You Tell Us

Though we titled this one “You Tell Us” we certainly don’t need to be told that Jill Alberts, newly arrived on the jewelry scene and spending bundles on PR, is straight-up stealing designs from the always innovative Christian Tse, father of mesh jewelry.  Man, do we wish Christian (or his fearless wife Victoria) would tear Jill a new one, Oprah style.  But as Christian says whenever faced with blatant thievery, the real designer will always prevail because he is always one-step ahead of the [lame-ass, talentless] knock off “artists.” What’s next on your dignified career path, Jill?  Crashing Emmy’s suites proclaiming yourself a “stylist” to some D-list celebrity???

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Will the Real Yogi Designer Please Stand Up

While our heads are still reeling from this morning’s news that Nancy Robey, of imitable VNU fame, is leaving her post to take a position at Collectors Universe, we need your help with something more pressing…no, no, no, we don’t need you to explain why Nancy didn’t blind cc the 200+ recipients of her email announcing the big news (we’ve chalked that up to ineptness with this whole world wide web/email thing), we need you to help us establish who the REAL Slim Shady, er, yogi jewelry designer is.  Who’s knocking off whom?  Is Helen Ficalora copying Mauri Pioppo or vice versa?  We have our suspicions, but check out their sites and weigh in   

September 14, 2006. Knock Off or Nak Off?. 1 comment.

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