Heart Broken

I always wonder when the next knock off or nak off is going to present itself. Sometimes I get worried that maybe it won’t and designers are actually being creative and original with their designs. It’s usually then when I stumble along a true knock off like I did today.

This time there’s not a question in my mind who knocked off who, it’s blatant. Dana*David a line that continues to astonish me that it’s still around completely reached a new low by knocking off the always original Shaun Leane. Sir Shaun’s thorned heart Shaun Leanehas been a staple in his line and published in every magazine known to man for the past 4 years or so, longer than Dana*David has even been around. Oh sorry, D*D did come out 4 years ago with 3 designs, which have expanded based on other designers collections to about a million designs to date. There is no way this untalented design team could come up with so many ideas so of course they decided to steal from other designers who actually have an original thought. D*D wish they could think of something as hot as this on their own: Dana David

I remember Dana telling me she started designing jewelry because she couldn’t find any jewelry that she liked. Well in this case, I guess she was wrong since the piece she “created” she could have just bought from the real designer, the brilliant Shaun Leane.  


December 4, 2007. Knock Off or Nak Off?. 2 comments.

Cheating Hearts

There are jewelry designers who think they’re rock stars (Stephen Webster) and then there are jewelry designers that design for balding men who want to be rock stars. This is the subject of today’s installation of “Knock off or Nak Off?”

We’re not sure which came first the chicken or the egg and that’s exactly how we feel about Lazaro Jewelry in Soho, NY and Chrome Hearts. If you were to take the pieces out of the stores and the packaging and put them next to each other, you’d have a hard time knowing which company made which piece. They’re identical. It goes for everything in the stores, not just the jewelry – the leather goods, the tee-shirts, the candles, they’re all the same. We know that Chrome Hearts has cooler stores, better packaging, and hotter celebs wearing their jewelry but we don’t know if Lazaro was the originator and didn’t have the same cash to put into their branding efforts and this is why Chrome Hearts appears to be the Nak and not the Knock.

Either way it doesn’t really matter to us and only backs up our belief that marketing, store design, media exposure and packaging matters just as much (if not more) than the design.

November 5, 2007. Knock Off or Nak Off?, Retail. 2 comments.

You Tell Us II

Who’s knocking off whom? 

Penny Preville or Jude Frances?  You tell us, but, we will point out that Penny has been around pretty much forever while Jude Frances hit the scene a few years ago, and was started because the two owners (Jude and Frances, duh) wanted to keep buying the same style jewelry they always wore but for, like, cheaper. www.PennyPreville.com and www.JudeFrances.com

Erica Courtney or Cathy Carmendy?  ALWAYS a hot debate, though it’s hilarious to see them being all nice, bff, lovey dovey with each other whenever they cross paths.  www.EricaCourtney.com and www.CathyCarmendy.com

Masriera or Nouveau 1910.  Masriera uses the same molds created in 1839 by Joseph Masriera i Vidal while Nouveau 1910 was started in, well, 1910.  Oh, how the mind spins with all of this rich, jewelry history!

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You Tell Us

Though we titled this one “You Tell Us” we certainly don’t need to be told that Jill Alberts, newly arrived on the jewelry scene and spending bundles on PR, is straight-up stealing designs from the always innovative Christian Tse, father of mesh jewelry.  Man, do we wish Christian (or his fearless wife Victoria) would tear Jill a new one, Oprah style.  But as Christian says whenever faced with blatant thievery, the real designer will always prevail because he is always one-step ahead of the [lame-ass, talentless] knock off “artists.” What’s next on your dignified career path, Jill?  Crashing Emmy’s suites proclaiming yourself a “stylist” to some D-list celebrity???

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Will the Real Yogi Designer Please Stand Up

While our heads are still reeling from this morning’s news that Nancy Robey, of imitable VNU fame, is leaving her post to take a position at Collectors Universe, we need your help with something more pressing…no, no, no, we don’t need you to explain why Nancy didn’t blind cc the 200+ recipients of her email announcing the big news (we’ve chalked that up to ineptness with this whole world wide web/email thing), we need you to help us establish who the REAL Slim Shady, er, yogi jewelry designer is.  Who’s knocking off whom?  Is Helen Ficalora copying Mauri Pioppo or vice versa?  We have our suspicions, but check out their sites and weigh in www.helenficalora.com/ www.mauripioppo.com   

September 14, 2006. Knock Off or Nak Off?. 1 comment.