Platinum Opportunity?

Tsk tsk tsk…Michael O’Connor, what are you doing pushing gold on QVC?!  Strike that, we know what YOU’RE doing; you’re assuaging your transparent lust for fame by proclaiming yourself a jewelry “stylist” on a glamorized info-mercial, consequently earning yourself a long list of middle aged, middle America, QVC enthusiast “fans” who write you letters about how handsome you are.  But what are YOU doing, Platinum Guild International?  Pure, Rare and Eternal, eh?  My ass! How does Fake, Cheap and 15 minutes sit with you?  Because 15 minutes of work is about as much as Michael is doing for PGI in between his trips to Philly.  And don’t think he’ll hesitate one second to move outta that corner office if an opportunity to extend his 15 minutes of fame by hosting the WB’s answer to Queer Eye or whatever comes up.  Shaw! 


September 14, 2006. Jewelry Guild Scoop. Leave a comment.