Stella McCartney Breaks a Leg

Just when I thought that all of the jewelry trends were stale and boring because they have been done a million times before, along comes the new jewelry collection by Stella McCartney inspired by her evil stepmom, Heather Mills. The revenge jewelry is a brilliant idea that we can all relate to and will probably get more press and sell through than any items with the “Monogamy to the 100th Power” tagline. We’re dying to see what the pieces in the collection will look like but for now we’re grateful to Holy Candy for showing us their vision of the collection.


November 7, 2007. Tags: , , . Designer Spotlight. 1 comment.

Suzy F Does TomKat

suzyphoto_150-2.jpgfab-model-2.jpgWe just read in last week’s Us Weekly that Suzy Fabrikant donated the gifts to the bridesmaids at the famed TomKat wedding. She gave them Gallic crosses from her diamond thread collection….thread indeed! Our inside sources tell us Fabrikant is hanging on by a very precarious financial thread, and the outlook gets grimmer every day. We don’t like to speculate (okay, fine, we love speculating, it’s one of the things we do best), but it’s entirely possible that ole’ Suzy herself may have single-handedly run that venerable company into the ground. The first sign of danger was when she told everyone to start calling her “Suzy” instead of Sue, nomenclature she’d used since, well, birth. But I became personally terrified when she changed her last name from Fortgang to Fabrikant. Then came, as we all knew it would, the “Suzy Fabrikant Couture Collection” which I’m sure she had daddy dearest sink a butt load of money into. With all of the advertisements featuring a model that looked like Suzy (sorry, Miss Model, but it’s true), the enormous trade show booth, seemingly limitless inventory and Suzy’s new “look,” it was the most expensive fine jewelry start-up ventures we’ve ever witnessed. Next thing you know, Fabrikant, which had been rolling along profitably for the last 50 years or so, is (reportedly) declaring Chapter 11.

Now, we’re all for creating designer lines out of existing diamond companies, but it seems as if “Suzy” has let her ego block her brain. With her bills unpaid, vendors attempting to sue, and rapidly dwindling respect in the industry, it seems as if Suzy isn’t going to be left with much beyond her new, ill-fitting frilly collars and a whole lot of jewelry to unload at wholesale.

November 22, 2006. Designer Spotlight. 1 comment.