She Suri is Beautiful in PINK Diamonds!

Well, we finally received our copy of the infamous Vanity Fair in which TomKat offer up a 22 page photo album of their new offspring Suri.  It seems VF is the only magazine of the 200 we subscribe to that feels its subscribers should be given the LAST look at the mag (the October issue hit the stands weeks ago and we got ours YESTERDAY!), but anyway….

Of course, other than the helmet of hair on baby-Suri’s head, the thing that caught our attention were all of the close up shots of Katie’s jewelry.  She said she knew she was having a girl because she was “…craving pink the whole nine months,” and apparently Tom satiated that craving with pink DIAMONDS–a pair of light-pink diamond drop earrings, a gift after Suri was born, and an engagement ring of a diamond surrounded by pink diamonds.  Nicely done, Katie.  Maybe next time around you’ll “know” you’re having a boy due to your BLUE cravings.  Tell Tom to give us a call, we’ll know right where to send him to pick you up a few blue diamonds!   


September 19, 2006. Celebrity Scoops. 1 comment.

Lindsay’s Lost Luggage

As I’m sure any blog-stalker, celebrity obbsesser already knows, Lindsay Lohan was recently robbed of an Heremes bag containing a million dollars worth of jewelry AND her asthma medication while she was leaving Heathrow airport last week.  Thankfully, the bag was returned to her, presumably with her goodies all in tact.  We feel bad for what she went through, and we just have a couple of comments about the situation: 1) Lindsay has great taste in jewelry.  We know.  She scooped up one of our favorite necklaces, a flapper style diamond and 18k gold chain by Jade Trau, from Kaviar & Kind in L.A. and is now rarely seen without it, 2) what the HELL were you doing leaving a handbag containing a million dollars worth of ANYTHING unattended on a luggage trolly?  Lindsay!  We know the five hour flight in first class and the valium you likely washed back with champagne probably left you a bit groggy, but that bag should have been like a growth coming off your arm the minute you packed it full of diamonds, 3) Lindsay has ASTHMA?!   

September 14, 2006. Celebrity Scoops. 1 comment.