Lack of Preperation on Your Part…

We love magazines. We love reading them we love contributing to them we love cutting out pictures from them and turning them into wallpaper. You should see our bedroom, it is completely decked out in pictures of semi-mounts torn out from the pages of jewelry trade magazines. But what we don’t love is working with people who seem to think it’s okay to call and request product at 4:45pm on a Friday for Monday delivery. Did you FORGET that we’ve been here ALL WEEK? In fact, we’ve been here for many many years. We’re the ones whose calls and emails you ignore on a weekly basis. Remember us? The ones you pretend you’ve never met even though we’ve known you for years and in fact, we’ve had dinners and cocktails and lunches together. We figure you’re too busy kissing somebody else’s ass (or your head is too far up your own ass) to remember us. But eventually you’ll realize that the very same people whose asses you’ve been busy kissing are the ones that aren’t going to come through for you. THEN, and only then, do you think of us, the reliable guys who always come through for you in a pinch. And guess what? We WILL come through. Not because we like you, in fact, we see right through your vapid, transparent attempts at being cool. And not because a lack of preperation on your part constitutes an emergency on OUR part, because it doesn’t. No, we’ll come through because we are nice. And we’re good at what we do. And we have a little goddamn integrity, a quality that seems to be sorely missing in this particular world.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be here pulling together product for Monday delivery.


November 2, 2007. Blind Items. Leave a comment.

Whatever Happens in Vegas…Never Happened?!

This one came at us from a forwarded email….don’t you know, Mr. Undisclosed Online Jewelry Retailer, the world is small!  You silly, silly man!  We know you had no idea the drunk Bostonian you buddied up to at the black-jack table had friends “on the inside” but in the future, just assume he does! 

Well don’t tell my wife but there was this Asian girl sitting next to me that was flat out the most beautiful Asian I had ever seen. (even after 14 hours of drinking 🙂 I was the [silly nickname] at that table also and she kept flipping her hair and rubbing up next to me. I was way up for the trip $$ wise and looked at her and said would you take a thousand bucks to come upstairs with me. She said of course and we left. She got undressed and wow!!! beautiful!!! Just as I was about to you know what I get a pounding at my door. It was my team of guys so I cracked the door. They said we had 10 minutes to get to the airport for our plane was leaving at 6 am. The big guy pushed the door open and they all drop their mouths. I think she thought it was a bust and got dressed and left in a hurry. With my 1K! Made it to the airport just in time and my employees now have a better appreciation of their boss 🙂

September 14, 2006. Blind Items. Leave a comment.