Heart Broken

I always wonder when the next knock off or nak off is going to present itself. Sometimes I get worried that maybe it won’t and designers are actually being creative and original with their designs. It’s usually then when I stumble along a true knock off like I did today.

This time there’s not a question in my mind who knocked off who, it’s blatant. Dana*David a line that continues to astonish me that it’s still around completely reached a new low by knocking off the always original Shaun Leane. Sir Shaun’s thorned heart Shaun Leanehas been a staple in his line and published in every magazine known to man for the past 4 years or so, longer than Dana*David has even been around. Oh sorry, D*D did come out 4 years ago with 3 designs, which have expanded based on other designers collections to about a million designs to date. There is no way this untalented design team could come up with so many ideas so of course they decided to steal from other designers who actually have an original thought. D*D wish they could think of something as hot as this on their own: Dana David

I remember Dana telling me she started designing jewelry because she couldn’t find any jewelry that she liked. Well in this case, I guess she was wrong since the piece she “created” she could have just bought from the real designer, the brilliant Shaun Leane.  


December 4, 2007. Knock Off or Nak Off?.


  1. Tina replied:

    Tsk, tsk tsk…another one with no originality.
    Love your blog!…don’t know how I found it but I’ve been behind the scenes in this industry for 14 years and have had some good giggles reading your rants. Love it.
    Post more!

  2. meyersdunlap48477 replied:

    I’m guessing 362 ??????????????? probably a lot more than that.. Click http://s.intmainreturn0.com/people3091630

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