Stop Whining and Start Selling!

We overhear jewelry designers complaining all of the time about retailers not paying their bills. It’s the same old song and dance year after year, retailers ask for tens of thousands of dollars worth of precious product on consignment and then when it’s sold say they can’t pay according to their original 30 day terms so can they have an extra 60 days which soon becomes 120 days and sometimes longer. My response to designers is, “Have you thought about adding eCommerce to your website?” 99.9% of the time the response is, “NO, THE RETAILERS WOULD BE SO MAD AT ME IF I DID THAT!”

Wake up people, why would you let someone who is not paying their bills or even buying your product outright limit your livelihood? Most of these retailers don’t even have an email account let alone eCommerce websites. Why should they care if you sell online as long as you’re selling at a retail price? By agreeing to do whatever it is the retailers want you to do, you’re letting them decide how much money you can make and how successful your business is. Do you tell them that they are not allowed to carry other jewelry designers or if you have an amethyst in your piece they cannot have any pieces from other collections with amethyst? Of course not!

Mega brands Gucci, Burberry, Coach, Dior, and Louis Vuitton all sell online and in independent retail stores. Fashion designers such as Diane von Fursentberg, Kate Spade, and Ralph Lauren all sell online AND sell in brick and morter retail boutiques across the land. I know they’re in the fashion industry and not the jewelry industry so it’s no the same thing (says the small minded designer) so here are a small list of successful jewelry designers (big and smaller) that have said FU to the retailers BS demands and we applaud them!
David Yurman
Shaun Leane
Kimberly Baker
Alex Woo
Wendy Mink
Alexis Bittar


November 6, 2007. Retail.

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